Demonstrations / Workshops

Celebrity Stage

High-energy performance by nationally renowned chefs

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Michelle Bommarito 3-2-13 1:00pm Included Buy

"Being fit never tasted so good." You’ve seen her on the Food Network Cake Challenges, however the energetic entrepreneur has boldly stepped out of the pastry world and is now focusing on her true passion…sharing Culinary techniques on how to prepare energizing super power foods

Carla Hall 3-2-13 2:00pm Included Buy

You've seen Her on ABC’s Daytime culinary program “The Chew” , now is your chance to see her live and in person, cooking up some of her favorite recipes.  Join Carla as she demonstrate signature recipes and techniques. From her new book “cooking with love”

Michael Garaghty 3-2-13 3:00pm Included Buy

Wusthof the leader in premium cutlery Introduces Chef Mike. Sharpen your knife skills, learn about all the major cuts (dice, brunoise, julienne, and more). Don’t miss this educational and entertaining culinary journey into the most important set of tools in your kitchen.

Carla Hall 3-2-13 5:00pm Included Buy

You've seen Her on ABC’s Daytime culinary program “The Chew” , now is your chance to see her live and in person, cooking up some of her favorite recipes.  Join Carla as she demonstrate signature recipes and techniques. From her new book “cooking with love”


Taste of the Neighborhood Stage

Come see some of the best local chefs cook up some great dishes with plenty of tips to help you get cooking in no time!

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John Somerville 3-2-13 12:20pm Included Buy

Chef John will be demonstrating The Lark's famous rack of lamb genghis khan with dauphinois potatoes and glazed carrots.

Marc Djozlija 3-2-13 1:20pm Included Buy

Chef Mark will be preparing
Wild Mushroom Risotto with White Truffle Oil and Italian Parsley
Seafood Risotto with Lobster Broth and Micro Basil
White Chocolate and Ginger Risotto with Port Wine Glazed Blueberries

Brian Henson 3-2-13 3:00pm Included Buy

Big Rock Chop House

Jason Gardner 3-2-13 4:00pm Included Buy

The Whitney Detroit

Fershone Steen 3-2-13 6:00pm Included Buy

The Tap at MGM Grand


Exhibit Pavillion

Aisle after Aisle of food related exhibitors sampling and selling products, many have tips to share with you on how to cook up some great dishes! get a taste of what the locals have to share about great cooking techniques!

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Wine & Libations Workshops

Informative seminars conducted by local and national experts featuring topics of discussion for a wide range of tastes.

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Nidal Daher 3-2-13 12:30pm Included Buy

Matching food and wine can be innovative and fun! A seminar on the art and the principles of food and wine pairing. Learn to create the ultimate dining experience for you and your guests. You will be guided on the proper etiquette of wine service and ways to entertain with style.

Fred Bueltmann 3-2-13 1:30pm Included Buy

Fred will be hosting a workshop on beer and how to best pair it with a meal.  Starting with an introduction to beer, beer types and ingredients, he will move further into flavor profiles and how they can be paired with food to enhance one's experience.  Using cheeses and chocolates, attendee's will learn how different beers each have their way of enhancing different flavors.

Michael Schafer 3-2-13 3:00pm Included Buy

Wine 101, The 5 s's of Wine. Learn how to taste wine like a professional! This funny & educational demonstration will leave you thirsty for more. Come laugh & learn!

Christina Pelachyk 3-2-13 4:00pm Included Buy

Christina Pelachyk  fine-wine specialist for the E&J Gallo Winery. will discuss the intricacies of food & wine pairing. Learn, sample and expeience with the resident Gallo Winery expert.


Culinary U

These fun 30-minute sessions are taught by industry experts and will expose you to delightful and unique specialty foods, culinary techniques, educational wine & spirits seminars and many entertaining ideas. These workshops are available on a first come first serve basis. Seating for each session is limited to approximately 40 attendees.

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Maureen Kimmel 3-2-13 12:30pm Included Buy

One skillet Italian dish. Colorful use of spinach, tomatoes and small ravioli. Starting off with sautéing garlic and jalapeno. Adding tomatoes and pasta, then a touch of cream, finishing off with fresh baby spinach and provolone cheese.

Marianne Hessler 3-2-13 3:00pm Included Buy

This informative seminar will get you acquainted with any number of cruise options Royal Caribbean has developed with the culinary enthusiast in mind.

Heather Leavitt 3-2-13 4:00pm Included Buy

Heather Leavitt of Sweet Heather Anne will be demonstrating a range of core piping techniques which she uses on a daily basis as a custom cake designer.  Participants will then practice the piping techniques on their own personal cookie

The Michigan Chefs de Cuisine 3-2-13 5:45pm Included Buy

Join Chef Doug Gahns the President of The Michigan Chefs de Cuisine for an informative and entertaining culinary journey.

Dorsey Culinary Series 3-2-13 12:20pm Included Buy

Make Fresh Authentic Italian Pasta like the Pros.  Join Chef Schellig as he demonstrates how to make fresh pasta tender and delicious.  Chef will then use his pasta in making two types of great tasting ravioli you can make at home.

Dorsey Culinary Series 3-2-13 1:15pm Included Buy

The Secrets of Puff Pastry revealed.  Join Chef Martinez as he explains away the mystery of making puff pastry in the home.  Watch and learn how to make delicious appetizers, entrees and desserts with restaurant quality homemade puff pastry.

Dorsey Culinary Series 3-2-13 2:45pm Included Buy

 "You can't be serious!"  A Chef’s look at unexpected flavor combinations designed to surprise and delight your guests at any event.  Watch the creation of recipes that cover the latest in culinary flavor trends.

Dorsey Culinary Series 3-2-13 3:45pm Included Buy

Chef Waniece Usher    Take back “Dinner Time” - create a Quick and Healthy meal in 30 minutes. Join Chef Usher as she creates a quick delicious meal and teaches you easy ways to revamp your pantry for healthy living. Finish your 30 minute meal with a treat without guilt.  "Go from ordinary to extraordinary with a baked from scratch Gluten Free Diabetic Cupcake.  Chef Usher will teach you the tricks of how to bake, frost, and decorate this sweet alternative treat.

Dorsey Culinary Series 3-2-13 5:45pm Included Buy

Join Chef Tarnavsky as she creates a beautiful and delicious Eastern European “Torte”.  Her recipe has been in her family for 3 generations and includes secrets in making Chocolate-Mocha Buttercream and Walnut Cream.  Watch and learn as Chef Tarnavsky shares her families baking secrets.